Program Overview

It is our belief that a LinkedIn Learning Champion Program can improve student conversations about LinkedIn Learning and LinkedIn. Students not only have untapped opportunities for learning outside the traditional brick and motor approach, they have untapped creative abilities to contribute to and engage in regular dialogue about learning.

Student voices can be instrumental to realizing the value offered by resources like LinkedIn Learning, and we are piloting a program to explore the potential “learning” that can occur from and with students.  Check out the articles published on LinkedIn to learn more about the first phase of the pilot program available HERE and HERE

You can review some of the benefits of the program below.

Certificate of Completion

You will earn a LinkedIn Student Learning Ambassador certificate from LinkedIn once you completed the program


Reference Letter from LinkedIn

After successful completion of the LinkedIn Student Learning Ambassador Program some students will receive an employment reference from the Customer Success Team (and/or a recommendation on your LinkedIn Profile) for the high quality work they have done. More details are provided during training.

Business Card

Portfolio of Projects

You will be tasked to engage in multiple projects and initiatives through the duration of the program which will enable you to showcase a portfolio of work on your LinkedIn profile.


Learn in-demands skills & prepare for your future

Whether you are hoping to land an awesome job or build skills to support your learning, the unique experiences you gain as a LinkedIn Learning  Champion will set you up to be a life long learner and will set you apart from the competition in the job market.


Help Your Peers to Always be Learning & Do Valuable Work

As a LinkedIn Learning Champion you will support your peers in leveling their skills so they can confidently tackle all challenges faced during their time in University/College and get them career ready.


Become a LinkedIn Expert

As a LinkedIn Learning Champion, you will have an inside perspective of and LinkedIn. You will receive advanced training, resources and support directly from LinkedIn.


Be Showcased in the LinkedIn Connections Newsletter

You will be showcased as an Ambassador in the LinkedIn Connections newsletter outlining your projects and your completion of the program distributed across LinkedIn clients.

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